Shikoku Ken Discussion
Our Shikoku is an extremely finicky eater. Is this normal for the breed?
Our Shikoku Koya initially liked eating his kibble/moist food mixture when he was a pup. He eventually became disinterested in it and refused to touch it unless he had no other options in which case he'd eventually pick away at it. Even when we tried varying the types of kibble and canned food, he'd initially like it, then the next time he tried it he didn't want it anymore. We then tried raw food, buying a sample pack of different food pucks. He loved all of them--he would still graze on it as he definitely doesn't live for food, but he ate the turkey, chicken, bison and salmon. So we went and bought a huge variety pack for our freezer, and lo and behold he then didn't want any of them, possibly because he'd had them before. The only food he consistently likes is 'senior' dry kibble that the black lab across the property eats, but I'm pretty sure that has very little of what he needs in his diet (he's just over 5 months).
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Has anyone else experienced this or found a food that their Shikoku absolutely loves? Do other people find their Shikoku doesn't really care that much about food?
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