Shikoku Ken Discussion
Heart Set on a Shikoku
So, I've been looking into this breed for quite some time and this Sunday my husband and I finally got to meet some real life Shikokus! We visited Oikon Kennels now in NC and we were very happy finally meeting the breed. My husband and I are now actively seeking ownership and we really feel like we are ready. We saw some of her most recent litter and they were adorable and still in the potato stage of puppy. Their mama was a very gracious ambassador for the breed and came straight to me after finishing feeding her babies so she could get some nice behind the ear scratches. Shikoku are even more regal in person than in pictures. We are very excited to start this new journey! We really feel like 3 dogs is the perfect number of dogs for us, and getting them all when they are young so they can all grow attached seems the best way to do it. How did the actual process of getting a Shikoku go for you guys? I know for some people its up to a 2 year wait, and for others it only took a few months. Some shikoku even have to travel many miles before they meet their owners! Feel free to tell me your puppy adoption stories!
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